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About Our Law Firm

The Law Offices of Norman Gregory Fernandez is a law firm based in Southern California.

DivorceWe handle family law matters in Los Angeles and Orange County only at this time.

We give free family law consultations to potential clients.

We provide representation to persons seeking to file a divorce, (Petitioners) and to persons who have been served with dissolution of marriage paperwork.  (Respondents)

We also provide representation to persons who wish to have existing family law, child custody, child support, and child visitation orders modified, or who are defending against a modification of existing orders.

We handle restraining order matters, and name changes as well.

We also do limited representation on family law matters. This means that you can retain us for pieces of your family law matter including just document preparation. For more information, contact us!

We also prepare and review prenuptial agreement, post nuptial agreements, and marriage agreements.

Whether you have a divorce case, a child custody case, a paternity case, a case involving the division of property, past due child support, or other type of family law matter, we are here to help.

Our firm prides itself on providing our clients competent legal representation.

Our firm has the knowledge, the resources, and the competence to handle your matter. We strive for excellence in the representation of our clients.

We offer reasonable rates and payment plans, and we accept credit cards for most family law matters.

If you need help you may call us at (949)383-5523. We can provide a consultation over the phone.

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TThe Law Offices of Norman Gregory Fernandez
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We accept Credit Cards on Certain Types of cases!
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