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California Pre-Marital Agreements (Pre-Nuptial)

Getting married is basically a legal contract between the husband and wife.

Ordinarily all property acquired before marriage is separate property, and all property acquired after marriage is community property.

If the parties to a marriage decide to get divorced, they may find that they are at the mercy of the court when it comes to all of their property, and they may in fact loose  what was their personal property or money before marriage, during the divorce.

Further, a party may have to pay the other party a substantial amount of money for spousal support, potentially for their lifetime, or be responsible for their debts in the event of a divorce.

A Pre-Marital Agreement, which was known in the past as a Pre-Nuptial Agreement, is the only way to protect yourself from a nightmare scenario during divorce.

A Pre-Marital Agreement, lets you set the terms of property, spousal support, debts, and other items in the event of a divorce before you ever get married.

We do not ever recommend getting married without one.

For a Limited Time we are offering the following California State Wide Pre-Marital Agreement Preparation Service. (Pre-Nuptial Agreement)

For a limited time only we will prepare an attorney drafted and reviewed pre-martial agreement for the sum of $1,000.00.

This includes preparation of the agreements, and the exhibits for both parties.

We will also sign the agreement once it is finalized.

We highly recommend that the other party to a pre-marital agreement retain their own attorney to review and sign.

Under most circumstances we can offer 48 hour turnaround.

For information call 949-383-5523.

Pre-Marital Agreement Review

A licensed California Attorney at law will review a Pre-Marital Agreement that has been prepared by another attorney for the sum of $500.00, give you our opinion of the agreement, and if required, sign the agreement as your attorney.

For information call 949-383-5523.

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